About Us

We are a private company that provides information of every company registered under Philippines Ministry of Law and Human Rights


Every businessman tends to look for histories and relations related to the business structure of a specific company/industry. Getting precise and relevant information while starting a business or shaking hands with an existing company might be difficult without proper information about them. Company House came into existence with the need of acquiring information as quickly as possible about a company, its stakeholders, shareholders, directors, and commissioners, respectively.

Here’s how we work

Check and Balance

Of different companies vendors and suppliers

Deciding Investments

The current capital infrastructure, properly registered company, etc

Analyzing your Customer

Know the customer’s needs and wants

Company Reports In Media

About different South Asian Companies

Precise Report

How to get a precise report about a company?

Getting a report about a company you want to do business with is simple, it takes the following steps

  1. Find and add your desired companies in the cart
  2. Standard report will provide only the current status of the company, whereas, the extended report will provide all the information since the foundation of the company.
  3. Pay the required amount.
  4. After successful payment, our experts will collect the relevant information and will send it to you through an email within 15 working days.

What if I cannot search a company?

There might be some reasons for not finding an existing company, however,the reasons include issues like either the company has changed its name orhas registered recently (before our last indexing of companies).A technical glitch can also happen from the searched company to not showup in the search results, however, you can report these issues by reaching usat our Service Desk

Sample Reports

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